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Terms & Conditions

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Before: contacting us, making an enquiry or placing an order, you are required to read these terms and conditions in full. These conditions form the basis of any enquiries, purchases or after-sales services.

These terms & conditions were last updated on: 30.04.2017


Our website dynamically downloads stock data from our warehouse stock databases. At times there may be an error with the stock status or quantity of a productTherefore you are required to contact us before placing any orders so that we can confirm whether a product is in stock or now and advise on possible delivery dates. If you have placed an order and some of the products are not in stock; we will contact you to process a refund or offer an alternative product.

Order Confirmation

Your order will not be accepted until you receive a confirmation from us stating that your order has been accepted and is in progress. This confirmation may be given in a verbal format or via email. This is to ensure that we have not legally accepted a transaction unless we are certain of the sale particulars and that we are happy for the purchase to go through. In the event that you purchase a product which has been incorrectly priced or described, we reserve the right to cancel your purchase or make the necessary amendments. As of 1 November 2016 all internet and phone based customers are subject to a screening process where we compile publicly available information about you (or your business) and decide whether or not to continue to do business with you. This is to ensure that we trade with good and reputable customers (or businesses).

Order Status updates

We will provide updates about the status of your order via: email and SMS. You can also check the status of your order by logging into your account (if you have an account with us). If, when you place your order with us; you do not receive an email or SMS please contact us so that we can check the reason why and fix this issue.


Some products may not be in stock and will need to be manufactured. This means that when you place an order, we will instruct our staff and suppliers to arrange for your products to be manufactured/shipped to us. This could take between 8 and 12 weeks before they are ready for dispatch. Here are the stages a manufactured product must go through:

1. Design, Drawing & Digital sketch – A few days
2. Logging & Carpentry – A few days
3. Carving – Around 3 weeks
4. Sanding, Primer & Finish – A few days
5. Upholstery, Trimming – 1 day
6. Quality Control, Branding & Packing – 1 day
7. Haulage & Shipping to our U.K facility: 4 weeks

In total it takes just over 8 weeks for a product to be manufactured, then an additional 4 weeks for shipping the product to our U.K central facility however at times there may be delays due to reasons beyond our control such as: national holidays, banking delays, shipping delays or failed quality inspections. If on the unlikely occasion we are unable to deliver your manufactured products within this timeframe we will offer you a full refund. After placing your order you should not enter into any formal contracts, agreements or business with any parties that are based on you receiving products in time to honour your agreement with them as we are unable to completely guarantee that you will receive your goods in time.

At times we may be unable to manufacture your products based on existing specifications and we may have to make minor adjustments. Examples of specifics which may need to be adjusted are: upholstery, handles, buttons etc. In any such instance, we will be in touch with you to discuss your options. We will not make any adjustments without your approval. This is an important condition which applies to all backordered products.

Manufactured products are exempt from the 14 day money-back guarantee because we class these products as ‘special orders’. Once a backordered product has been ordered, you will have 24 hours to cancel your product/order. After 24 hours we will instruct the factory to start producing your product/s so we cannot accept any cancellations after this period.


You can reserve a product by paying a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the product price. If you reserve a product that is in stock it will be held for you for 45 days. if you reserve a product that needs to be manufactured, we will order your product and start manufacture. You should pay the balance within 45 days. You can pay the balance by calling us, online (via your account) or in-store. On the 21st day (3 weeks) after receiving your deposit we will attempt to contact you to remind you about your reservation. If we do not receive any remaining payments within 45 days your reservation will be cancelled without a refund. Reservations can be made online, via phone or in-store. We advise you to speak to one of our sales representatives regarding your financial arrangements before you reserve a product.

Conditions which affect your privacy

All phone calls will be recorded for security, monitoring, training and compliance purposes. The recordings will be securely stored by our telecom provider and only made available to us upon the request of the managing director however it is worth noting that this action has only been implemented due to the increased risk of fraud.
If required, we may screen a customer using publicly available information to ensure that they meet our standards of good reputation (this mainly applies to businesses).
All Midland Interiors drivers will wear body mounted cameras which will always be operating during the time that your delivery takes place. The recordings will only be used for legal purposes in the event of a fraudulent transaction.

Quality & Brand Control

Our department of Quality & Brand Control (QBC) in charge of branding our products, labelling, quality control, ownership authorisation and anti-counterfeit control. Each product will be given a unique ID number from the start of the manufacturing process, and stringent quality controls take place. This is to ensure that our products always meet high standards and that products are properly and individually accounted for. The department of QBC is informed each time an ownership transfer takes place. The QBC monitor and collect intelligence on organisations and individuals, which are involved in counterfeiting our products.

Your account at Midland Interiors

When you checkout, we will automatically create an account for you and generate your username and password which will be emailed to you. Subsequent purchases will be added to this account as long as you use the same surname and email address to checkout.

Website photos

The photos that we upload onto our website and other sales channels will be subject to various professional enhancements that are not visible to the naked eye including but not limited to: background removal, surface cleaning, colour filtering, colour changing, touch-up enhancements, colour enhancements and watermarking. This is so that we can show our customers a product in a wide range of colour/design options. This also helps to make our images look clean, tidy and professional. The images may not show the actual surface textures or handmade inconsistencies. To avoid misconceptions we strongly advise all customers to order a colour or upholstery swatch before placing the order.

Secrecy of location of manufacture

At times we may conceal the origin of a product due to commercial security reasons. This does not mean that we intend to hide anything from our customers, but is intended solely so that competitors do not gain a competitive advantage and to protect our competitive security.

Buying from: eBay, Amazon or from other channels.

Our products are available to purchase from other sales channels such as Amazon and eBay. By purchasing from those websites you and we are bound by their terms and conditions as well as ours. Where there is a conflict in conditions, their conditions will overrule ours and we are bound by those agreements. You may notice that prices are slightly higher when purchasing from other sales channels, this is because we adjust the selling price to offset any additional costs we incur as a result of selling our products and running our shop from their website. You can purchase our products from any approved sales channel however we strongly advise you to purchase directly from our website, our stores or via our independent agents because not only is it cheaper for our customers, but it is faster and you will be able to directly speak to our specialists for assistance.

Bespoke, Customised and Modified products/orders

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Bespoke orders are treated in the same was as ‘manufactured’ products. They can take between 8 and 12 weeks to be dispatched to you in addition to the shipping time (depending on your location). Bespoke orders are subject to a consultation (free) and can be paid for in full or with a deposit (50%).

Bespoke products are exempt from the 14 day 100% money back guarantee and once ordered, cannot be cancelled without a penalty however you can cancel your order within 24 hours of it being placed. When you place a bespoke order we will provide you with a progress schedule (dates on which we send you photos and updates of the current progress of your order). At any time if you do not approve of the product, you are required to inform us so that we can instruct our production team to make the required changes. This is so that the product is not rejected when it is finally delivered to you.

Bespoke orders do not mean that the product design is exclusively yours. We may mass produce a bespoke product and sell to other customers. If you do not want us to do this you must inform us prior to signing the agreement so that we can register this design exclusively for you at an additional cost

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Guarantee & Assurance

All products include a quality guarantee package. The guarantee has limitations. More information can be found on the Guarantee page as well as your product handbook. Manufacturing defects are covered under the guarantee. If you find that there may be a defect with you product that is covered under our guarantee, you should contact us as soon as possible. Before commencing any work on your product, a service inspection is required, this will be carried out by one of our repair specialists free of charge. This is to check and ensure that the issue raised is in fact covered under the guarantee. If the inspection concludes that the issue raised is covered under the guarantee then we will arrange to correct this in the following order:

1. Attempt to repair the product to satisfactory condition either: by sending a specialist to inspect your product and then either: carry out a mobile repair, at our repair centre or via an approved repair specialist. The repair work will be carried out within 7 days of the inspection date. The transit, packaging and logistics of transporting the products will be taken care of by us.

2. If a repair is not possible, we will arrange to replace your product with a product of the same specifications (like for like) within 14 days.

3. If we are unable to replace your product for a similar product, we will repossess the product and issue a credit certificate for the value of your original purchase which should be used within 90 days of the date of issue.

14 Day money back guarantee.

We provide a 14 day 100% money back guarantee on all purchases. If you purchase an item from us and later decide that it is not the right product for you or you want to exchange it for something else, please get in touch with us and we will be happy to refund or exchange the item. To be eligible for the 14 Day money back guarantee the item must:

1. Not be used
2. It must be in original undamaged packaging
3. The returns seals (if applied) must intact.
4. Branding must not be removed

If your item does not meet this criteria then we will not be able to provide a full refund or exchange it under the 14 day money back guarantee. The Consumer Contracts Regulations require that no admin or restocking fees are charged so we will not charge any fees, however we are entitled to charge fees if the returned product does not meet the conditions above.


The 14 day money back guarantee does not include a free courier service so you will be required to arrange your own returns, pay for a collection service or order a pre-paid returns collection service when you place your order. If you arrange your own returns you will be responsible for ensuring that the item is securely and safely loaded and reaches us in the condition required. We strongly advise that you use an insured service for this that covers the value of the product. Alternatively you can book an insured collection with us. Midland Interiors drivers are trained to ensure goods are safely loaded for transport and our fees are probably cheaper than alternative transport providers.

We use a combination of: protection film, industrial wrapping sheets, bubble sheets, cardboard packaging, wooden frame and plywood structures to ensure that the item/s have maximum protection against any damage that could occur during transit. All items are carefully checked prior to dispatch. We will only dispatch the item/s once we are satisfied that there are no defects and that the item/s are the ones that you ordered. We provide a standard level of insurance for U.K mainland deliveries. Goods will be insured against damage during transit. International shipments are not insured by default. We instruct our couriers to take a signature upon delivery of goods as well as photographs of the goods. We keep this information for legal, security, compliance and procedural purposes. We may use this information in the unlikely event that you bring forward a claim for damages, non delivery of goods or any other delivery related disputes. For U.K deliveries, we have a one-driver policy. This means that there will only be 1 driver who delivers your goods to you and he/she may need assistance when unloading. For all deliveries (whether U.K or International) we have a strict ‘front-door’ policy. This means that goods will only be delivered to your front door on ground floor only. The driver will not remove any old furniture, or dispose of the packing materials used to package your goods.

For all orders over £500, The named customer will need to be present at the point of delivery.
For all orders over £500, our delivery driver will be required to visually carry out an identification check. This means that you will be required to show a valid identification document as well as the card you used to place your order (if your order was placed using a card).


Our Department of Quality & Brand Control has carefully and professionally branded all Midland Interiors products. By purchasing from Midland Interiors you are restricted from removing any branding, labels, hologram labels or factory tags attached to your product as removing them will be in violation of our conditions of sale. In the event that any branding is ever deliberately removed (temporary or permanent) we reserve the right to inform local law enforcement agencies and pass your information to crime reference agencies stating that vital identification systems have been deliberately removed. In the event that branding has become damaged or removed accidentally, please contact us so that we can arrange for replacement branding to be applied to your product.

Product Care

By purchasing from us, you agree to take care of your product based on the guidelines set out in the product handbook (which you will receive when you purchase the product). Failure to take care of your product will result in guarantee becoming void as well as decrease the overall lifespan of your product. Product care is as important to us as is should be to the customer therefore we provide lifetime free online and phone support and care advice should you require any.


Replacement parts, materials and manufacturing particulars are only available at Midland Interiors therefore any repairs, modifications and restoration should only be carried out by Midland Interiors or by an approved repair specialist. Unauthorised repairs or modifications will void any warranty remaining on your product.

Thefts and losses should be reported to us as well as the police.

If your product has been lost, stolen, damaged, sold or scrapped; you must notify us immediately. In the event of a loss or theft you are required to inform the police and report the product as lost or stolen, we will also inform the relevant crime reference agencies and pass on crucial information, which will help identify any products if found.

Selling your product

If you wish to sell your product, you should make sure that you provide your customer with an invoice detailing the customers name, address and contact details as well as specifics of the sale including the product ID. The buyer should notify us by completing the ‘New owner section’ of the registration certificate and returning it to us. The instructions can be found on the card. This is to ensure that we hold accurate information in our databases and that we can assist if the new owner requires replacement parts, service inspections or reports a loss or theft.


Paying by card: When you checkout and enter your card information, the information is encrypted and sent to the merchants servers, at no point do we have access to your card information. Once your card payment has been approved you will be directed to the confirmation page where you will be able to see details of your order and your information. Your card will be charged immediately and your bank statement will show ‘Midland Interiors’.

If we are subjected to a charge-back, our legal department will take over your file and you will be subjected to legal proceedings. If we are subjected to a charge back we will hold the buyer responsible for paying any due amounts as well as additional administration costs. In any such instance we reserve the right to demand immediate payment, instruct a solicitor, demand a return of our our products and refer you to the police.

Website Currency Selector

We have integrated an advanced and highly functional currency switching feature throughout our website which allows you to choose your currency. Products will then be displayed in this currency. Currencies are obtained automatically every hour using publicly available exchange rates, they are subject to fluctuations and additional costs upon checkout. The price that you see on the checkout page will be the final price. We charge a 1.5% fee for non GBP currency transactions, this is probably cheaper than what your bank would normally charge you for a non-base currency transaction, this means that you get to pay in your local currency without having to worry that your bank will charge excessive fees.

Website language selector

We have integrated an advanced and highly functional language selection feature throughout our website. Most of the main languages have been added to this selector. The default and primary language is English so you are strongly advised to seek independent translation becuase the language translator may have difficulty translating certain (important and descriptive) words which may alter the proper meaning in the translated language. The language selector is a free, publicly available feature and we have only integrated it for the general purpose of assisting and welcoming customers from around the world. It should never be used to help you make a decision on whether or not to purchase from us.


We allow customers the option to add a donation to their order in the checkout page. This is normally set at £1.00 per donation. We believe that this is a customer friendly, ethical and efficient way to promote a charitable sale. 100% of donations are paid to the selected charities on a monthly/quarterly basis in accordance with our accounting/taxation filing schedule. You may request evidence that a donation has been paid however please remember that it could take a maximum of 3 months for us to pay the donation and account for the payment from the date of your order.


V.A.T is a sales tax which must be charged to all U.K and E.U customers. Our prices are inclusive of VAT and you can see a breakdown of the VAT in the cart, checkout, confirmation pages as well as your invoice/sales receipt. If you are VAT registered, they you may be able to reclaim the VAT from HMRC (or E.U equivalent) depending on your tax arrangements.

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