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This page provides information about the materials we use, the sizes that we produce, the colour and specifications of the materials we use as well as the flammability and fire safety standards that our products adhere to.

Product and Collection names:

You may have noticed that we name our products after cities. It is simply a way for us to easily identify a product or a collection and does not at all mean the product is produced in that particular city or country or has any affiliation with it whether it be: cultural, religious, ethnical or historical. All our products are made at our factory and sub-contracted factories in South East Asia.

Origin of furniture and manufacture:

Most of our products are manufactured at our very own foreign plant in Malaysia. However we also source our products from the following countries: Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, The Phillipines, China, India, Iran and Pakistan as we believe that every country produces unique goods and for this reason we use a combination of international suppliers. For business security reasons we may not always reveal where an individual product has been sourced from or manufactured.

Quality Control:

We have a strict quality control procedures in place to ensure that our products are free of defects, faults and damage from the point where they leave the manufacturing plant up until the customer makes the purchase. We conduct either 3 or 4 quality control assessments on all our products. The first assessment takes place at the manufacturing plant just after the product has been manufactured (Pre-freight). We conduct another QC assessment once the product arrives at our warehouse (Arrival) and once again when the customer makes purchase (Point of Sale). If the item has been held at our warehouse for more than 4 weeks then we will conduct further QC checks every 4 weeks until the product leaves our warehouse (sold to a customer). The quality control assessment looks at: defects, broken parts, paintwork issues, filling tests, stability and structural soundness and other importand quality factors to ensure that the product is free of any defects upon sale. In the unlikely case that an item fails the QC test at any stage, we will remove it from our stock and it will not be sold to anyone.

Chaise Longue Shape and size:

The chaise longue can either be right-handed or left-handed. A chaise model may be available in both variants. When ordering please inform us of which variant you require.  The chaise longues are available in 3 size models – small, medium and large. The size of each sofa varies so please do not assume that a certain sized sofa from one collection will have the same specifications as a sofa from another collection because on most occasions the sizes are determined at the factory that they are produced.


Specifications of wood used:

We use high grade mahogany and teak wood in our furniture. The wood is kiln dried and individually hand carved. Since the items are individually hand carved and not carved using machinery each piece of item and carving is unique and may sometimes insignificantly differ from their symmetrical designs. Mahogany furniture is not suitable for outdoor use and and changes or modifications takes great expertise so we do not advise you to attempt to change the specifications of any of the items once purchased as this will not only void your warranty but may permanently damage the item


We use a variety of upholstery types. The most popular type are: Fabric cotton, Synthetic Leather and Velvet. Genuine Leather can also be used on bespoke orders but we don’t normally use this due to the extrememly high costs of sourcing and application. When upholstered items are made to order we cannot guarantee that the same type, colour or specification will be used as you see in the photos. This is becuase some models of upholstery may be discontinued or may not be available due to seasonal and natural reasons. In any such instance we will source upholstery that closely matches the specifications as the photo as per your requirements.If you choose singular items from our website; we cannot guarantee that the designs, upholstery and sizes will match because the items will have been at different times, different templates may been used and the uplhostery batches and specifications may vary. Not all our products are made in the same factory so if you want matching items please ask us before you purchase so that we can verify this.

Finishing & Paintwork:

We use a variety of finishing types, the most common types we use are: leaf finishing, paint finishing and varnish. All our furniture is carefully prepared for finishing. We apply a range of prepration layers including: red primer, gold paint, white

Leaf Finishing: Leaf finishing is the most popular type of finishing. There are 3 main variants: gold leaf, silver leaf and white gold leaf. Gold leaf is not like paint. It is not painted or brushed onto the furniture. We use high quality premium branded leaf finishing on our products. Leaf consists of thin coloured sheets (to replicate the true colour of gold and silver metals) and requires great care and skill to apply. It takes a lot of work to prepare the furniture for final finishing and requires a great deal of expertise, patience and experience. Leaf is available in many different shades (light, dark, antique, glazed) and generally speaking it is the most expensive type of finishing.

Paint: Paint is available in various styles (matt, gloss, silk). For colours such as: red, black and white: high quality, specialist durable furniture paint is used as a final finish. Paint application also requires a great deal of preperation and expertise. A wide range of paint colours available and some of the popular colours include: gold, silver, white gold, bronze, white, black, brown, antique and grey.

Varnish: High quality varnish can make furniture look amazing. Our manufacturers use a range of varnish finishing. Varnish finished furniture is not as popular as the other types but we surely can produce upon request.

Flammability and Fire Safety Testing:

As a manufacturer and retailer of upholstered furniture it is our responsibility to ensure that our products meet the standards set out under UK and European fire safety legislation. We work with state of the art UKAS accredited laboratories and provide materials for test certification on a batch basis. We can confirm that all our products meet either domestic or contract-medium hazard (or both) flammability specifications (BS5852 and BS7176). We will provide proof of testing and certification upon request.

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