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Our Projects

We are always working on new things!

Midland Interiors thrives on innovation. From market research to design and development, our team of designers, engineers and production team are always keen to turn projects into deluxe brands which continue to serve the Midland Interiors brand.

Fusion is our very own developed finish. It is a carefully blended mixture of gilt (leaf) concentrate, lacquer based paint, gloss varnish, 2000 hardener, pigment powder. The end result: it delivers the hardwearing properties of paint and at the same time producing the beautiful shine of leaf gilding. Fusion is a major recipient of our research and development budget and has produced outstanding results to date. So far we have developed Fusion is a gold and silver variation but our technicians and experts are working to bring you Fusion: Rose Gold, Fusion Copper and more!
AirPress is our very own branded PU foam, it is comfortable, hard wearing and highly resistant to compression. AirPress 350-FR is the latest in the range, highly fire resistant and ideal for commercial use.
 PLEST (Protocol for Legal & Ethically Sourced Timber) was launched in 2015 as a natural and principled response to the continued widespread and legalised destruction of rainforests around the world. PLEST laid out a set of principles and changes that should be adopted and covers a wide range of areas including: donations, awareness, product sourcing, regulation and ethics. PLEST is fully compliant with EUTR, Lacey Act and other international timber conservation standards.